Corellito (by Alexandre Lamoureux and Marjolaine Sabine)

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The main objective of Corellito, available in the web browser, is to realize correlations through a simple and intuitive way between curves in PNG format.
It allows, for example, comparisons between temporal series, such as paleoclimatic and sedimentological series.
Corellito is based on the Didier Paillard software AnalySeries on MacOS ( (Paillard, 2004; Paillard et al., 1996).
Its simple use allows notably the realization of tie-points between a reference curve, fixed, and a studied curve, subjected to stretching and squeezes, linked to the chosen correlation points.
The more pixels there are in the image, the more reliable the correlation is.
Corellito also includes horizontal scales management, which makes it possible to obtain, on the basis of the established correlation, a correspondence table for the X axis.
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Several references curves are included, PNG format :

Other data references can be found here:

You can cite this tool as:
Lamoureux A. et Sabine M., Outil de corrélation Corellito, entreprise Terres du Passé, 2021.

For more information, you can contact us:

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